Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Living in Community: The Price of Vulnerability

The purpose of this blog is to answer the following question: "What is the meaning of community?" Allow me to answer that it means to be voluntarily vulnerable.

I am going to use this space to recount, as best I can, the concepts we discussed late into the night last night because I just had this feeling we touched on some truths. I learned today that there is a "nod from the universe," when people speak the truth. I felt like there were several nods last night and I want to write them down before I forget them.

The conversation involved five people, then two people, then three people, then two people.

People talk more willingly when the sun goes down.

Safe, vulnerable environments have been created in the anonymity of addiction recovery meetings where people share no last names and also in the strict dogma of the Catholic Church confessional.

People are funny, interesting, frustrating, crazy, lovable beings.

We are all hiding; and in this way we are all the same.

We are so desperate in our hiding that when somebody finally reveals even a smidge of themselves, we fall in love.

We all have a host of different past experiences which shape our fears.

People's vulnerability is most easily seen through their strengths.

Community members cannot reach a level deeper than "roommate status" without sharing more about themselves.

I cannot make somebody be more open; I can only be more open myself.

I cannot make somebody be more vulnerable; I can only be more vulnerable myself.

It is the secrets that kill us; and in this way we are all the same.

If we are to live in community we must look at ourselves and we will not like what we see.

The live the ideal of community is to strive for the ideal of 100% self challenge.

Ideals, by definition, are unattainable.

What one man calls integrity another calls stupidity: to strive for ideals despite their inattainability.


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Blogger Susan said...

I was just feeling like crap, and decided to read your latest entries, and I feel better. It's weird, I feel like I should feel bad for getting so upset over stupid things, or guilty for not doing enough, or some sort of bad feeling, but it made me feel better. I think I get so lost in my superficial life here that to read your stories reminds me that there is real life out there. Life that is an adventure, whether a good one or a bad one. Life where people learn lessons, real life lessons, and share them. Life where every person matters, every person exists and makes an impact on others' lives. I love you Bird, you are truly amazing. I admire and look to you so much. You said in an earlier entry that there should be more Luis's out there, well I think there should be more Joe's. I really do. Keep writing updates, I want to learn more from your experiences. One day I hope to have my own experiences to share with others, and maybe I will start to open someone else's eyes.

When will I see you again?


7:48 PM  
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Blogger Stephen said...

It is intresting to read the change in your tennor as you have gotten into your work. Like susan said "life is an adventure" and the "good, bad" are all relative terms from our perseective at and given moment. She also stated that"every person matters". Some more than others.....and you are one.

9:38 PM  
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